My Inventions!

Independently developed designs, concepts, applications and inventions 

The following are my inventions.  These are real devices or ideas that have been created, designed, modeled and/or researched enough to know that they will function or perform as stated.  Over the past 25 years, I have tried numerous times to get someone interested in these ideas without success.  I have even written to several offices with the Department of Defense and Homeland Security offering some of these ideas for free – no strings attached.  Still no bites.  Anybody interested?

1.                  A rifle scope that can be used with long range sniper rifles such as the .50 Cal M82A1/2/3, AS50 and the M107.  The scope can be sighted in at 100 yards and remains sighted in out to 6,000 yards.

2.                  A rapidly deployed access/entry screening system that not only detects explosives, drugs and firearms while not impeding the flow of traffic, it also will automatically capture any suspect in which there is an alert from the detectors.

3.                  *A rapidly deployed foolproof identification system that allows issuance while not impeding the flow of traffic but cannot be copied, duplicated or spoofed.

4.                  *A battlefield activity detection system that will allow for completely passive detection and identification of equipment and people regardless of the type or method of camouflage used.  It can be deployed from an aircraft completely undetected and provides is information without any detectable emissions.

5.                  **A novel extension of current RFID technology to cost-effectively allow identification of the entire contents of ships, trucks, containers, pallets, boxes and crates with currently used and deployed technology.

6.                  A novel use of an in situ nationwide data network to deploy NBC detectors nationwide without the expense of building a new network.  System would require only minor changes in existing system and addition of NBC detectors.

7.                  *An automatic and computerized method to detect stress in airframes, buildings and ships before they become visible or cause structural weakness.  System is easy and cheap to deploy and would work as a warning or diagnostic tool.

8.                  **A relatively simple addition to the management of the Ready Reserve and National Guard forces that will provide an advanced national technology capability in response to emergencies or threats to our technological infrastructure.  This method will increase Reserve and Guard recruitment, improve our national response capability, significantly reduce our costs for high technology skills and improve employment on a national level.

9.                  *An improvement to sailboat hull design that significantly reduces weight, improves performance, increases speed and improves stability.

10.              An improvement in propeller design that allows for rapid adaptation from fast powerful and high speed thrust to quiet, no cavitation thrust and from forward to reverse while maintaining shaft speed in one direction.

11.              **A design and plan for the cost-effective deployment of a secure wireless computer networking on military bases in support of: (1) base-wide networking (to and within buildings that would otherwise be too expensive to wire into a network); (2) field training using computer aided training (CBT) and computer aided instruction (CAI); (3) base-wide facility management (inspections, work order requests, reports, supply, vehicle tracking, etc.) and (4) inexpensive and automated monitoring and physical security with motion-activated or event activated video/audio recording; (5) delivery of internet access to base housing and barracks.

12.              *A design and plan for the cost-effective deployment of a method to reduce the cost of the use of electricity on military bases.  Method applies the use of an “energy profile” against power rates to optimize loads and energy use.

13.              *Business and technical plan for the improvement of science and math teaching effectiveness in grade school and high school while offering the potential for improved recruiting, lower educational budgets and increased employment of retiring military members.

14.              **A design and plan for the implementation of a web-based mentoring system of retired and active military to provide advise, insights, information and moral support for junior active duty members and potential recruits.  Method is based on proven effectiveness in similar applications.

15.              **A design and plan for the improved analysis of the “Personnel Pipeline” from recruiting management, through training to force readiness.  Method uses a dynamic, real-time, 3-D graphical representation of data in an intuitive visual presentation that greatly improves demand and trend analysis.  Plan uses a highly sophisticated software designed for 3-D graphical representation of data that is already created, in use and owned by the US government.

16.              **A design and plan for the rapid sorting, categorization and improved analysis of the freeform text of intelligence reports from all sources.  Design allows for the immediate cross connection of multiple agency computer systems without regard for the processor, language, encryption or network protocols while allowing for greatly improved identification of trends, developing issues, pattern recognition of events and emphasis tracking and analysis of targets.  Method uses a combination of methods derived from document management systems and visual data representation for automatic pattern recognition.  It uses dynamic, real-time, 3-D graphical representation of freeform data in an intuitive visual presentation that greatly improves demand and trend analysis.  Plan uses a highly sophisticated software designed for 3-D graphical representation of data that is already created, in use and owned by the US government.

17.              A unique solar panel that is made from discarded parts of old appliances but will create enough heat to boil water with only about 2 sq feet of panel surface.  Entire solar heater system design will heat a garage without any externally added energy.

18.              Simple device to allow any cordless phone to be used as a remote computer modem creating an inexpensive ($20) home network without using NIC’s, hubs or routers.

19.              Design for a simple and inexpensive geo-thermal heating system that is totally passive (no externally added energy, no maintenance, no controls, no need for any attention, no moving parts) but will remove snow and ice from driveways, sidewalks and roads.  It also can be used to reduce (but not replace) home heating costs.

20.              New design for a clock that uses colors to relate time value in an intuitive analog manner that can be artistically matched to a décor’s color scheme while providing a novel modern version of a “grandfather clock”.

21.              Design for a device that will automatically “scan” and create detailed architectural drawings of old buildings, caves, tunnels, etc.  It will create a 3-D wire-frame and a fully surface texturized exact scale renderings from which accurate measurements can be taken (of the graphic model) that will be within .001” of the real surface.

* = Report, proposal or design            ** = PowerPoint presentation or software developed

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