That isn’t an itch you feel!

I am writing this because I am hoping that publishing this story, people will begin to understand what is going on.  It won’t make any sense unless I start at the beginning.


I got struck by lightning.  Well, actually I wasn’t struck but I was on wet ground near where it struck and the power of the strike passed thru the ground into four others and me while we were playing soccer.  I was out for perhaps 5 hours and have felt weird ever since.  I told the doctors that it felt like I was being poked with pins but they just said that it was the random firing of over stimulated nerve endings.  It made me jump and jerk every time it happened.   That was two years ago.


The pinpricks have continued at random intervals but about six months ago, I began to feel something else.  It felt like someone was touching my skin and then rubbing it.  Sometimes it felt like someone was tapping my leg or arm and when I jerked my head to look, it stopped.  This went on for weeks at all times of the day and night and began to drive me nuts.  I tried creams and different kinds of clothes but nothing helped.  One evening when I just couldn’t get to sleep, I shouted out, “Leave me alone!” as loud as I could.  I was astonished that the feelings stopped immediately and did not return for two whole days.


I was confused and thought about all kinds of silly answers from aliens to fantastic mind control powers but finally decided it was sort of a mental placebo effect of mind over matter.  When the rubbings and tappings started again, they were different.  Softer and gentler.  I also began to realize that the feelings were making patterns on my skin.  It was hard to tell what they were because I usually moved when it started. 

One night, while lying in bed, and out of idle curiosity, I pulled up my shirt and said out loud, “ Do it here”, offering my chest and stomach.  Almost at once, the rubbing sensation started on my bare stomach and chest in the form of much bigger patterns.  Slowly, I realized they were letters written upside down.  I said “A” and I felt the feeling as a letter “A” was being rubbed on my stomach.  I looked around and tried to see if this was a joke or prank but I was really alone.  Other than the annoyance of the rubbing, I had never been hurt by “it” so I wasn’t afraid but I was curious.  I tried out several more letters and they all resulted in the same thing.  Then I asked a question, “Who are you”.  I got no answer.  I asked dozens of questions and got no answers.  Then I said, tap once for yes and twice for no – “are you ghosts”.  I felt a single tap in the middle of my chest!


I can’t remember or type all of the hundreds of questions I asked over the next few hours but I began to get a picture of who or what I was dealing with.  It was dead people – real ghosts – or rather their spirits.  Here is what I learned.


It seems that String Theory is correct; there are several dimensional universes in our space-time continuum.   The spirit or essence of life force is virtually immortal.  While we live that force is expressed as emotional energy.  That is why people feel weak after an emotionally trying event.  Large emotions can even make us faint but women faint more often because they give up their spirit energy faster than men do.  It has something to do with passing or sharing all that spirit energy at child birth.  

I also found out that these spirits can move from one dimension to another through a complex process that involves just the right amount of emotional energy.   This usually happens at the moment of death or near-death experience.  Those that have described near death experiences, in which they seemed to leave their bodies, really did leave their bodies, as spirits.  If the spirit energy is not just right, then they stay within this dimension but can move outside of their bodies.  When the spirit energy is just right, they can move freely between dimensions. 

Through a lot of yes and no questions, I found out that these spirits are so much outside of our dimensional universe and our space-time continuum that they cannot interact with our material universe except for a few isolated exceptions.  They can interact with each other freely and they can hear and see us but cannot be seen by us or make sounds. 

They could not move or influence anything until about one “lifetime” ago.  It took me a long time to realize that one lifetime was in their terms and equated to 1000’s of years in our universe.  They began to be able to focus their spirit essence on a single point but could do no better than to change the electrical properties at that one tiny little point.  The amount of change is so small that it is not enough to change anything electrically powered but they eventually discovered that if they did this on the nerve endings of someone, the person would feel something.  For thousands of years they have been doing this in an attempt to communicate but most humans or animals do not see these small sensations as anything recognizable as communications.


It is the rare situation that someone, like me, gets hypersensitive to these pinpoint electrical changes and can receive these messages more clearly and easily.  My lightning experience made me a better “receiver”.


I found out that this spirit movement between dimensions is not without risks and effects.  When these spirits come into what we know as our universe, they lose all memory of past history and are sucked into a sort of vortex that exists around every newborn infant.  At the moment of birth or close to it, any spirit that is nearby is sucked into the life force of the infant with a completely clean slate for a mind.  Most often it happens because that is exactly what the spirit wants to do and they came here to do that  – I called these the good spirits. 


I found out that sometimes there is some vague awareness of these past lives and experiences and this comes out as faint feelings and thoughts as adults.  This agrees with several religious beliefs about reincarnation and angels and it may account for sudden changes of direction in cultures and religious thinking over the ages.  The feeling of deje’ vue comes from this carry-over awareness of past experiences.


But once in awhile, this being sucked into the life force of the infant happens to those spirits that have just left a dead body and are trying to get back to one of the other dimensions.  They get snatched back into another newborn and are unable to escape until the body gives up the spirit.  I called these the angry spirits.


When the body does die and the spirit is released, almost all of the learning of that person’s life is added to all of the wisdom and learning that occurred before entering the body and it all comes back to the spirit as fresh and recalled memories.  At that moment, they realize who they really are and what has happened to them.  Those that did this willingly, have enjoyed the experience but those that got caught, exit into the spirit realm angry and want to escape back to one of the other dimensions as quickly as possible.


Unfortunately, therein lies the problem.  I didn’t get the exact mix of emotional energies that must be present to move between dimensions but it seems that the exact mix is happening less and less often and the spirits that are released upon death are piling up and cannot get back to one of the other dimensions.  As some of these spirits that want out are pulled back into bodies and released after a human lifetime, they get more and more angry.  These bad spirits are now piling up, waiting to go back to one of the other dimensions and trying to avoid the newborn vortexes. 

It was these angry spirits that were poking and prodding me so much when I was sensitized by the lightning.  Only after I made myself heard, did some of the good spirits come to my rescue and chase away the bad spirits and tried to communicate with me in a nicer manner.


Now that I have told you how all this got started, let me tell you the problem that is developing.  The bad spirits have learned to expand their ability to interact with our bodies.  Their electrical prod rods, as I called them, are getting better at poking into people to give them headaches, pains and bad thoughts.  They can create blind spots in people’s vision and create the sensation of sounds.  They are doing this more and more out of anger and disgust with being stuck in this dimension. 

It may seem like a small response to all of that bent up anger and it certainly is not like what Hollywood would have you believe is the typical ghost haunting but it is, after all, all they can do right now but they are learning more each day.  It is only a matter of time before they can fiddle with DNA or genes to turn on or off genes that do us harm.  It is becoming a war between the good and bad spirits but the tide of battle is turning against the good guys.


The affect on our universe is that more people are getting weird pains, feeling depression and hearing sounds and seeing things that are not there or not seeing things that are there.  How many car accidents and deaths are being caused by these angry spirits?  How often have you heard a noise and nothing was there?  How often do you get a sudden sharp pain or an itch that seems to have no cause?  It’s them.  But what is worse is that after you die, it might be you.

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