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My name is not important but it is an unfortunate fact of human nature to associate the credibility of ideas with the person that has them.  This usually serves us well in helping us screen good and bad information and to add doubt where it may be needed.  I cannot fault that logic, however, it has also led to a high level of resistance to new or innovative ideas over the course of history.  That resistance has resulted in delays of years or decades from the initial discovery by some obscure scientist or thinker and the general recognition of the value of their idea.  It is unfortunate that nearly every great idea in science dates back to just such a humble beginning.     

My career began when I got drafted into the Navy after spending three years at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  I had done well but I screwed up during a summer session and lost my “S” deferment.  After three years of nearly non-stop technical schools in the Navy, I qualified for the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP) and they sent me to the University of New Mexico.  Between my GA. Tech, Navy and correspondence courses, I was given more than 280 credit hours toward various degrees but had to take additional courses to get any of them.  By carefully playing a game of class shuffle, I managed to stay at UNM for three years and left with four degrees – Math, Computer Science, Physics and Engineering.  Of course the Navy knew only about the last one.     

I did a lot of special sponsored courses in computer modeling of various energy projects and made a few findings that my professors took credit for.  I designed the currently used aircraft anti-collision system, I modeled a method of terrain mapping for navigation, I computed the ideal energy-conservation designs for numerous building materials – double and triple paned windows, wall insulation designs, injection foam, etc. and about 40 other similar projects.   

When I left, I was promoted to Lt. USN and told I could go to sea or go to the Navy’s Post Graduate School at Monterey, Calif.  Of course I went to PG school.  38 months later, I left with a Master’s in Operations Research and a PhD in simulation and modeling (dynamic systems and game theory).  I would have been out earlier but my thesis, which was classified (and still is), was one that they wanted me to complete.  It must have been liked because it got me a job at NRL and I wound up moving about 10 miles away.  I got a place right at the end of the airport runway (ug- what a lot of noise) but it was also right near the new golf course.    

I worked there for a few years on some modeling of weather but thought it was very limiting so I accepted an offer from a friend to move over to DARPA.  Here I was allowed to work in a number of areas on my own or on target projects.  I worked on C3I automation, simulation of various communications issues, autonomous weapons systems, robotics and artificial intelligence.  I was eventually given free reign to work on any pet project I had.  That was fun and I worked there for many years or it seemed like it.    So you see, I spent a lifetime in science and research – most of it in the military or as a government worker or contractor.  I often had the advantage of a virtually unlimited budget and very wide latitude on the range of my studies.  But my contribution was always taken for granted.  I was a paid employee and was named only as part of the “project team” or grouped as “contributors”.  This was true even when I worked on the project alone or was the principal investigator or design lead. 

Not getting credit for some design or device or mathematical analysis, especially when it was classified, was never a problem for me until I realized that being unknown meant that I was never peer reviewed for anything and therefore had little or no standing or credibility in the real world scientific community.   In some very closed and classified circles, I am known to have solved problems, refined designs and resolved problems but most of that will never be known by anyone outside of that closed group and, for the most part, they don’t care.   

I had always looked forward to the day that I could have stimulating dialog with fellow scientists about some of the great unknowns but I have found that happens only when the people you are talking to, think of you as being a “fellow scientists”.  If they don’t, then they dismiss your views as not having been vetted or having any credibility.  Attempts to break that wall have proved useless and I am never taken more seriously than the neighborhood high school science teacher.    My work was well received by DoD and I advanced in rank fairly fast with two deep selections one to Cdr.  That means I was promoted earlier than others of my year group.  In 1995, I was deep selected for Captain but told I had to stay in 3 more years to retire at that rank.  I spent 45 days leave mulling over that decision but finally decided to stay and get the extra retirement pay.  In those last three years, I made a lot of industry contacts since I was the PM for several acquisition hush-hush programs.  When I retired in 1998, I got a bunch of medals and commendations that, with a $1.00 would get me a cup of coffee.      

I did not work for others at first but instead began working at home on an investment analysis and prediction modeling program.  It is based on analysis of past patterns but it looks for a preselected level of confidence in the prediction of the future events.  I decided to use it to examine the whole Y2K event and even put up a web site called Profit2000.  Among the other predictions, which are no great feat, my program predicted the rise and fall of the price of gold.  I took my own advice and took out short options on gold before Dec 1999 and put options after and made a bundle.  I sold the predictive software to a Wall Street consulting firm that is still using it but they made me promise not to tell anyone.  They prefer to let everyone think they are brainy experts rather than telling everyone that their investment advice is simply a computer program.I got tired of that and started my own business modeling consulting agency. 

I created some unique computer modeling tools for virtual product development (VPD) and business risk assessments.  One of them is a neural-net BPR/ABC model that uses Monte Carlo analysis of critical variables to do a stochastic analysis of process flow and work flow.  This model automatically creates an optimum business process flow for a business.  I sold the company and several large government contracts I had won and finally really retired in 2005.     

I then moved to the mountains near New Denver, BC, CA.  Here I have built my dream house and am still adding on to it.  Most of the house is actually a cave that I expanded and fixed up but I have several berm and Earthship style outbuildings that blend in with the surroundings with living plants on most of the roofs.  With the abundant lake water to add to my wells and rain/snow melt water, I can afford to use a lot of water to feed plants inside and out.   I wanted to make use of some of my ideas on energy and building but I also did not want copycats or tourists coming to see what I have done.  From more than 100 feet away, it is hard to see most of my buildings and I have about 30,000 square feet of enclosed space.  I like that.    

I use geothermal heat pumps of my own design to do most of the heating and cooling – including keeping the snow off my walkways and driveways.  I use solar PVs to power most everything with some assist from a micro-hydro generator and a small 3 KW wind generator.  I also have my own designed solar thermal heater that gives me heat on any day with sunshine.  I cook up my own vehicle fuel and fly my own aircraft off the lake and dabble in some unique ultra-light designs.  One is an inflatable pontoon two-seater and the other is an ultra-light helo.  I have a huge barn in which I usually have dozens of science experiments going and a bank of top end PCs in a wireless network that blankets my entire property.  I use a yagi for satcomm and a parabolic to send a millimeter wave to cross the lake to link into the landline phones and a backup data link.    

All this gives me nearly total off-grid capability while also being able to keep in contact with anyone and anywhere.  My property is not easily accessible except by the lake and I have that well monitored and protected.  I like the isolation but I also have a place in Vermont and like traveling back and forth between these two retreats at different times of the year.  This may sound like I am a hermit that has given up on people and there are times that I feel like that but I actually have visitors that come up and stay in one of my cabins for up to several weeks at a time.  I allow them to come and go as they please mostly because the nearest cabin is about 200 feet from my house and cave.  I have a few friends within the scientific community that I keep in touch with and with whom I enjoy exchanging ideas.  Most are former military co-workers but a few are from academia and active duty and government agencies.  I just don’t have time to try to play political or social games with people that can’t be honest and forthright.    

This web site is mostly my effort to shout at the moon and let off some of my frustration.  Some of the articles are just for fun, some are serious and some date back two decades to when I was trying to break out of my government cubical by joining Mensa and getting some articles published.    I thought I was being careful but, I ended up getting pounced on by my bosses because I was still doing classified work and I was not to draw attention to myself or my work.      

As far as how you take these articles – I don’t care.  They are either true or not.  They are either of interest to you or not.    It should be obvious that some of them were written in fun but I challenge you to figure out which ones as I have backed-up almost everything with sound scientific evidence or at least a scientific basis.  After 50 years of hard core research and scientific analysis, experience and effort, they are presented here for MY pleasure and you can take it or leave it.      

What I will tell you is that MOST of these articles and MOST of what is in each and every article is absolute fact and many are completely true!    Really!       Take it or leave it!! 

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