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FCC Warning: Anomalous Content


Compartment Coded: Megaphone




Enforcement Bureau

Content Enforcement Division (CED)






FCC Violation Notice for the Executive Office of the President



Continuous Custody Courier Delivery

April 20, 2009

Subject: Commercial Broadcast Radio Stations KARB, KARV, KBBR, KCRB, et al

Commercial Radio License CB8I: Warning Notice, Case #EB-2008-2997-RB

Dear Sir:

On August 1, 2007, The FCC/CED discovered a Part 15 violation regarding inappropriate content within the assigned bands of operation of 173 commercial AM and FM broadcast radio stations located in every State. The nature of the inappropriate content appears to be an extremely sophisticated subliminal message that is undetectable by routine spectrum analysis because it is dynamically created by the beat frequencies of the broadcast. This means that any specific analysis of broadcast content will show no embedded or side-band signals, however, the audio modulation of the received broadcast at the receiver’s speaker creates an artificial but highly effective analog influence upon and within any listener.

This signal appears as a result of the signal creating binaural beat tones inside the superior olivary nucleus of the brain stem. Preliminary research has shown that these temporal modulations are creating multiple brainwave synchronizations below the conscious perception thresholds and they are having measurable effects (see below) on the listeners in each of the radio broadcast regions. The signal is not a voice, per se, but rather they have a direct and immediate influence on the inferior colliculus neurons internal to the brain. The affect of this influence has been measured in activated areas of the brain of the primary sensorimotor and cingulate areas, bilateral opercular premotor areas, bilateral SII, ventral prefrontal cortex, subcortically, anterior insula, putamen and thalamus. These areas of the brain and others affected include control of motor reflexes, hunger, vision, decision-making, body temperature control, temperament, smell and memory.

Collaboration with NSA and NRL have provided us with a complete analysis of the signal but this has been of only limited help with the cause and effect on the listening public. At the suggestion of Dr. Wayne Sponson at NSA, the FCC/CED contacted the Sensory Exploitation Division (SED) of NIH, at Fort Detrick, Maryland. We were delayed for 4 weeks in order to process clearances for two members of the FCC/CED (myself and Dr. Edward Willingsley).

In late February, we were able to obtain the following information. The NIH/SED has been working on binaural beats to explore the phenomenon called the Frequency Following Response or Entrainment. They have been highly successful with this field of study, however, their efforts have focused on the creation of infrasound induced beat frequencies to entrain brain waves. This has been shown to impact the delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma brainwaves.  By contrast, the contaminated signals from these radio stations is created using sounds well above the infrasound range and well within the range of normal music listening.

Dr. Alan Cupfer from NIH’s Neuroscience Research confirmed that entrainment using binaural beat stimulation (or using light) has been shown to be quite effective to affect dream states, focus, anxiety, addiction, attention, relaxation, learning, mood and performance. He also admitted that by first achieving brain synchronization and then applying entrainment to effect constructive or destructive interference with brain frequencies, it is possible to significantly enhance or suppress these brain functions.

NSA computers discovered these signals during their routine monitoring of the broad frequency spectrum of all transmissions. The computers have been recording these signals as an automatic function of finding an anomalous signal, however, because no specific threatening content was recognized by the computers, it was not flagged to any human operators or analysts at NSA. This is a procedural error that has been corrected.

Once the FCC/CED discovered the nature of these anomalous signals in August 2008 and coordinated with NSA, NSA provided our office with archived recordings that date back to 2001 and show an increasing coverage of broadcast stations from the first one found in California to the present 173. They seem to be increasing at a rate of about two per month. It is estimated that approximately 61 million people are currently within the broadcast coverage areas of these stations.

In our two-month exploration of what, if any, impact or objective these broadcasts are having on the listening audience, we have discovered the following:

  1. The subliminal signals appear to be constantly varying at each station and between stations, even when the same music or other recordings are being played. It appears that the anomalous signals are being injected into the broadcast systems at each station’s transmission facility from an exterior source but the means and mechanism of this signal injection has not been determined yet. Until it is, we can’t stop it.
  1. The anomalous signals can be distinguished from non-contaminated signals by means of signal analysis comparisons before and after the use of adaptive filtering. Using a recursive least squares (RLS) and a least mean squares (LMS) in an automated sweep variable filter that seeks a zero cost function (error signal) when compared to a reference baseline. When this computed correction factor is non-zero, the NSA computers determine that the signal is contaminated and they are recorded. These kinds of finite impulse response (FIR) filter structures have proven to be effective at the detection of changes to the baseline reference as small as one cycle at one Giga-Hertz over a period of 24 hours.
  1. Despite being able to detect and isolate the anomalous signal, the combined efforts of NSA, FCC, NIH and NRL have been unable to decode the signal with respect to intelligent content. However, Dr. Tanya Huber and Joel Shiv, two researchers from the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) suggested that by examining the non-conscious behavior of the listeners against a baseline, there might be a correlation between signal content and responses. These two researchers have been studying the psychological manipulation of consumer judgements, behavior and motivation since 2004.
  1. Conducting the first macro-survey of listener behavior in each of the broadcast areas initially yielded no anomalous behavior but when micro-communities and community activities were individually examined, some conspicuous changes were noted.
  1. In Mesquite, NV, a change in the recorded anomalous signal coincided with a controversial referendum by the voters on the long-term problems with the Oasis Golf Club. This referendum was notable because it unexpectedly and nearly unanimously reversed a voter survey taken the previous day.
  1. In La Pine, OR, a small farm community with a low power publicly owned station, experienced an uncommonly large increase in the sale of over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents/analgesics (NSAIAs) such as aspirin, naproxen, Tylenol, and ibuprofen. It appears that the sale was initially motivated by a three week period of a large increase in demand for the analgesic qualities of these drugs but following a week long lull in sales, demand again peaked for three weeks for the antipyretic effects of these drugs. This was validated by a large increase in the sales of thermometers and examination reports of doctor visits. What is unusual is that this appears to have affected nearly every single person in the broadcast area of this small station. The only ones not affected were deaf.
  1. Over the survey of cities and towns, it was discovered that there was a surge in consumer activity associated with a variety of drugs and foods in more than 70 communities over the period analyzed. In each instance, this surge in sales had no prior precedent and lasted for one or two weeks and then returned to normal without reoccurrence.
  1. By contrast, it was also discovered that there was a corresponding decrease in sales of specific drugs and food and drinks in 67 communities – some of which were involved, in the above-mentioned increase of sales. These decreased sales included a drop to nearly zero sales of all drinks containing any form of alcohol or milk. These decreases were especially significant because doctors and local advertisers actively opposed them without effect.

Dozens of other changes in consumer behavior, voter response, mood swings and entertainment sales were discovered but no specific patterns of products, locations, response or demographics were discovered.


The findings of the FCC/CED indicate that a significant and growing population have been and are being manipulated and controlled by listening to radio broadcasts. The degree of control exerted has been nothing short of extraordinary and without precedent. The technology involved has so far eluded detection. The source or objectives of these anomalous signals has also not yet been determined.

It is the speculation of the FCC/CED and of the NIH/SED that this has all the signs of someone or some organization that is actively testing their capabilities on a live and diverse group of test subjects. These tests appear to be random but are systematically exploring the degree of influence and the parts of the brain that can be exploited by these signals. What cannot be determined is what is the final intent or objective or possibly that it has already been accomplished or may be ongoing.

Recommendations: It is recommended that the general public NOT be informed of this situation until we are able to define it further.We recommend the use of deaf analysts be assigned to monitor on-site listening stations in all of the largest radio coverage areas to maintain an observation of changes to behavior. In other areas, automated monitoring can be used to isolate the signals before sending encrypted files to NSA for analysis.We recommend the use of FBI and CIA to examine any commonality between these stations.We recommend that NIST and NIH continue their survey of behavior changes in all of the affected communities.We recommend that NRL and FCC collaborate on the creation of a selective RF counter-measure to the anomalous signals.

We recommend that a cabinet-level task force be created within Homeland Security to assist and coordinate all of the above activities.


Dr. W. Riley Hollingswood Ph.D.

FCC Director, Content Enforcement Division

April 21, 2009 Update:

Following the creation and coordination of the above report, it was reported to this office by NSA that the anomalous signals have been detected in both national broadcast and cable television signals.