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Plato: Unlimited Energy – Here Already!

Plato: Unlimited Energy


If you are a reader of my blog, you know about Plato. It is what I call a software program that I have been working on since the late 1980’s that does what I call “concept searches”. The complete description of Plato is in another story on this blog but the short of it is that it will do web searches for complex interlinked and related or supporting data that form the basis for a conceptual idea. I developed Plato using a variety of techniques including natural language queries, thesaurus lookups, pattern recognition, morphology, logic and artificial intelligence. It is able to accept complex natural language questions, search for real or possible solutions and present the results in a form that logically justifies and validates the solution. Its real strength is that it can find solutions or possibilities that don’t yet exist or have not yet been discovered. I could go on and on about all the wild and weird stuff have used Plato for but this story is about a recent search for an alternative energy source….and Plato found one.

As a research scientist, I have done a considerable amount of R&D in various fields of energy production and alternate energy sources. Since my retirement, I have been busy doing other things and have not kept up with the latest so I decide to let Plato do a search for me to find out what is the latest state-of-the-art in alternate energy and the status of fusion power. What Plato came back with is a huge list of references in support of an source of energy that is being used by the government but is being withheld from the public. This energy source is technical complex but is far more powerful than anything being used today short of the largest nuclear power plants. I have read over most of what Plato found and am convinced that this source of power exists, it is being used but is being actively suppressed by out government. Here is the truth:

On January 25, 1999 a rogue physicist researcher at the University of Texas named Carl Collins clamed to have achieved stimulated decays of nuclear isomers using a second-hand dental x-ray machine. As early as 1988, Collins was saying that this was possible but it took 11 years to get the funding and lab work to do it. By then, it was confirmed by several labs including Dr. Belic at the Stuttgart Nuclear Physics Group. Collins’ results were published in a peer reviewed Physical Review Letters. The science of this is complex but what it amounts to is a kind of cold fusion. Nuclear isomers are atoms with a metastable nucleus. That means that certain when they are created in certain radioactive materials, the protons and neutrons (nucleons) in the nucleus of the atom are bonded or pooled together in what is called an excited state.

An analogue would be like stacking balls into a pyramid. It took energy to get them into that natural state but what Collins found is that it takes relatively little energy to destabilize this stack and release lots of energy. Hafnium and Tantalum are two naturally occurring metastable elements that can be triggered to release their energy with relatively little external excitation.

Hafnium, for instance, releases a photon with an energy of 75 keV (75,000 electron volts) and one gram produces 1,330 megajoules of energy – the equivalent of about 700 pounds of TNT. A five-pound ball is said to be able to create a two-kiloton blast – that is the equivalent to 4,000,000 pounds of TNT. A special type of Hafnium called Hf-178-m2 is capable of producing energy in the exawatt range, that is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1018) watts of energy! This is far more than all the energy created by all the nuclear plants in the US. As a comparison, the largest energy producer in the world today is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva which cost more than $10 billion and can a beam of energy estimated to be 10 trillion watts (1012 ) but that is power that lasts for about 30 nanoseconds (billionths of a second).

Imagine being able to create 1 million (106) times that energy level but sustain it indefinitely? We actually don’t have a power gird capable of doing that but because we are talking about a generator that might be the size of a small house, this technology could be inexpensively replicated all over the US or the world to deliver as much power as needed.

These are, of course, calculated estimates based on extrapolation of Collins’ initial work and that of the follow-on experiments but not one scientist has put forth a single peer reviewed paper that disputes these estimates or the viability of the entire experiment. It is also obvious that the mechanism of excitation would have to be larger than a dental x-ray machine in order to get 1018 watts out of it. In fact, when Brookhaven National Lab conducted its Triggering Isomer Proof (TRIP) test, it used their National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) – a powerful laser – as the excitation.

Obviously this was met with a lot of critical reviews and open hostility from the world of physics. This was just another “Cold Fusion” fiasco that was still fresh in everyone’s minds. It was in 1989 that Pons and Fleischmann claimed to have created fusion in a lab at temperatures well below what was then thought to be necessary. It took just months to prove them wrong and the whole idea of cold fusion and unlimited energy was placed right next to astrology, perpetual motion and pet rocks.

Now Collins was claiming that he had done it again – a tiny amount of energy in and a lot of energy out. He was not reporting the microscopic “indications of excess energy” that Pons and Fleischmann claimed. Collins is saying he got large amounts of excess energy (more energy out that went in) on many orders of magnitude above what Pons and Fleischmann claimed.

Dozens of labs across the world began to try to verify or duplicate his results. The biggest problem was getting a hold on the Hafnium needed to do the experiments – it is expensive and hard to come by so it took mostly government sponsored studies to be able to afford it. Surprisingly, some confirmed it and some had mixed results and some discredited him.

In the US, DARPA was very interested because this had the potential for being a serious weapon that would give us a nuclear bomb type explosion and power but would not violate the worldwide ban on nuclear weapons. The US Navy was very interested in it because had the potential for being not only a warhead but also a new and better form of power for their nuclear power fleet ships and subs.

By 2004, the controversy over whether it was viable or not was still raging so DARPA, which had funded some of the labs that had gotten contradictory results, decided to have a final test. They called it the TRiggering Isomer Proof (TRIP) test and it was funded to be done at Brookhaven National Lab.

This had created such news interest that everyone was interested in the results. NASA, Navy, Dept. of Energy (DOE), Dept of Defense (DoD), NRL, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, State Department, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Argonne Labs, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA), Los Alamos, MIT Radiation Lab, MITRE, JASON, and dozens of others were standing in line to hear the outcome of this test being conducted by DARPA.

So what happened in the test? No one knows. The test was conducted and DARPA put the lockdown on every scrap of news about the results. In fact, since that test, they have shutdown all other government funded contracts in civilian labs on isomer triggering. The only break in that cover has been a statement from the senior most DOE scientist involved, Dr. Ehsan Khan when he made this statement:

“TRIP had been so successful that an independent evaluation board has recommended further research….with only the most seasoned and outstanding individuals allowed to be engaged”.

There has been no peer review of the TRIP report. It has been seen by a select group of scientists but no one else has leaked anything about it. What is even more astounding is that none of those many other government agencies and organizations have raised the issue. In fact, any serious inquiry into the status of isomer triggering research is met with closed doors, misdirection or outright hostility. The government has pushed it almost entirely behind the black curtain of black projects. Everything related to this subject is now either classified Top Secret or is openly and outwardly discredited and denounced as nonsense.

This has not, however, stopped other nations or other civilian labs and companies from looking into it. But even here, they cannot openly pursue isomer triggering or cold fusion. Now research into such subjects is called “low-energy nuclear reactions” (LENR) or “chemically assisted nuclear reactions (CANR). Success in the experiments of these researchers is measured in the creation of “excess heat” meaning that it has created more (excess) energy than was put into it. Plato has found that some people and labs that have achieved this level of success include:

Lab or company ResearcherUniversity of Osaka, Japan Arata

ENEA, Rome Frascati, Italy Vittorio Violante

Hokkaido University, Japan Mizuno

Energetic Technology, LLC, Omer, Israel Shaoul Lesin

Portland state University, USA Dash

Jet thermal Products, Inc, USA Swartz

SRI, USA McKubre

Lattice Energy, Inc. USA E. Storms

In addition, the British and Russians have both published papers and intelligence reports indicate they may both be working on a TRIP bomb. The British have a group called the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) that has developed a technique called Nuclear Excitation by Electron Transition and are actively seeking production solutions. The Russians may have created an entire isolated research center just for studying TRIP for both weapons and energy sources.

In addition to the obvious use of such a power source to allow us to wean off of fossil fuels, there are lots of other motivations for seeking a high density, low cost power source: global warming, desalination, robotics, mass transportation, long distance air travel, space exploration, etc.

These applications are normal and common sense uses but what application might motivate our government to surppress the news coverage of further research and to wage a disinformation and discredit campaign on anyone that works on this subject? One obvious answer is its potential as a weapon but since that also is well known and common sense, there must be some other reason that the government does not want this to be pursued. What that is will not be found by searching for it. If it is a black project, it will not have internet news reports on it but it might have a combined group of indicators and seemingly disconnected facts that form a pattern when viewed in light of some common motive or cause. Doing that kind of searching is precisely what Plato was designed to do.

What my Plato program discovered is that there are a number of unexplained events and sightings that have a common thread. These events and sightings are all at the fringes of science or are outright science fiction if you consider current common knowledge of science or listen to the government denounce and discredit any of the observers. Things like UFOs that move fast but make no noise, space vehicles that can approach the speed of light, underwater vessels that have been reported to travel faster than the fastest surface ships and beam weapons (light, RF, rail) that can destroy objects as far away as on the moon. What they have in common is that if you consider that there is a high density, compact source of extremely high-powered energy, then these fantastic sightings suddenly become quite plausible.

A power source that can create 10 TeV (tera-electron Volts) is well within the realm of possibility for an isomer-triggered device and is powerful enough to create and/or control gravitons and the Higgs Boson and the Higgs field. See my other blog story on travel faster than light and on dark energy and you will see that if you have enough power, you can manipulate the most fundamental particles and forces of nature to include gravity, mass and even time.

If you can control that much power, you can create particle beam weapons, lasers and rail guns that can penetrate anything – even miles of earth or ocean. If you can create enough energy – about 15 TeV, you can create a negative graviton – essentially negative gravity – which can be used to move an aircraft with no sounds at supersonic speeds. It will also allow you to break all the rules of normal aerodynamics and create aircraft that are very large, in odd shapes (like triangles and arcs) and still be able to travel slowly. Collins estimated that a full-scale isomer triggered generator could generate power in the 1,000 TeV range when combined with the proper magnetic infrastructure of a Collider like the LHC.

Plato found evidence that is exactly what is happening. The possibility of coincidence that all of these sightings have this one single thread in common is beyond logic or probability. The coincidence that these sightings and events have occurred by the hundreds in just the past few years – since the DARPA TRIP test – is way beyond coincidence. It is clear that DARPA put the wraps on this technology because of its potential as a weapon and as an unlimited high-density power source.

The fact that this has been kept hushed up is mostly due to the impact it would have on the economies of the world if we were suddenly given unlimited power that was not based on fossil fuels, coal or hydroelectric power. Imagine the instant availability of all of the electricity that you could use at next to nothing in cost. Markets would collapse in the wake of drops in everything related to oil, gas and coal. That is not a desirable outcome when we are in such a bad financial recession already.

Plato comes up with some wild ideas some times and I often check them out to see if it really is true. I was given perhaps 75 references, of which I have listed only a few in this article but enough that you can see that they are all there and true. I encourage you to search for all the key words, people and labs listed here. Prove this to yourself – it’s all true.

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Physical Review Papers Vol 99, Issue 17, id. 172502 titled, “Isomer Triggering via Nuclear Excitation by Electron Capture (NEEC) reported confirmed low energy triggering with high energy yields.

Brookhaven National Lab conducted a Triggering Isomer Proof Test (TRIP) using their National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) in which they reported; “A successfully independent confirmation of this valuable scientific achievement has been made … and presented in a Sandia Report (SAND2007-2690, January 2008). This was funded by DARPA but pulled the funding right after the test.