A REAL Fountain of Youth?

Last April, I was given my annual physical by my family doctor.  It was the usual turn-your-head-and-cough kind of checkup that included a series of blood tests.  Partly due to my work history and partly because I am aware of the benefits of a number of rather obscure tests, I pay for several extra tests that are not normally included in the average annual physical.  I get the usual cholesterol, thyroid, iron, prostate, albumen, etc but I also get some others, these extra tests include:  CBC, RBC, Hematocrit, WBC, DIFF, MCV, Hemoglobin, BPC, ABO and about two dozen others.

The ABO test determines you blood type and the level of antigens and antibodies present on the surface of the red blood cells.  This is not something that usually changes but it can point to early signs of any hemolytic or autoimmune diseases or the presence of toxins such as radiation exposure.  I have been Type “O” with Anti-A and Anti-B antibodies with no antigens for as long as I have been tested.  That is the very definition of the Type “O” blood group.  That is until this last time I was tested. 

I have always been O-negative but this last test showed I was now O-Positive.  Somehow, I had acquired the “D” antigen of the Rhesus factor.  This is not impossible but it usually results from a blood transfusion or bone marrow transplant and occurs over a long period of time.   It was also discovered that I had both A and B antigens that is only present in blood type AB.  This kind of change has not been observed before and after a delay of several weeks, I was called back for more testing.  It seems that I am somewhat of a medical mystery.

In the course of the testing, my entire medical history was examined and they found that despite my advanced age, I have a number of anomalous readings that are uncommon for my age.  My nerve reaction time is that of a 40 year old.  My heart, skin, muscle contraction and brain wave activity are all that of a 40 year old man or even younger.  Then they dumped me into a ton of other tests and drew blood and took tissue samples for a week.  These extra tests showed that the epithelial transport of nutrients and ions, T-cell activation, pancreatic beta-cell insulin release, and synaptic conduction were all abnormally high for a man of my age.  I had never particularly noticed but it was discovered that in the past 15 years or so, I have not had a cold or flu or allergy response or any other typical disease or negative environmental response. 

All this has baffled my doctors and although some tests are still going on and two research clinics are still interested, most have simply marked it off as a medical anomaly and moved on.  I, however, was very curious and wanted to know more so I broke down the problem into parts and fed it into Plato – my automated research tool – for an in-depth analysis.  The results were amazing and have some far reaching implications.  I want to tell you about what Plato found but I have to start with a lot of background and history so that you will understand how it all fits together and how Plato figured it out.

I have always been fascinated by high voltage electricity.  In science fairs, I built tesla coils and Van de Graff generators and played with Jacob’s Ladders and Wimshurst generators.  In college, I participated in research studies of lightning and worked on high energy physics as well as other fringe science related to high power electromagnetic energy.  When I got into computer simulation, I was asked to create and run simulations on the first MHD generator, the first rail gun and the first ion engine.  I also worked on computer models for a cyclotron and a massive hydroelectric system that work on waves and ocean currents. 

As a hobbyist, I liked the idea of incorporating some of this stuff into my everyday life.  Way back in the 1960’s, I created a scaled down model of an ion engine at about the time that NASA was planning to use on interplanetary vehicles.  (It appears in Science Illustrated and I made a DYI model like the one in the magazine).  It was, essentially, a negative ion generator with an extra set of acceleration plates.  Because it made no noise and used a tiny amount of electricity, I have had that first model plugged in and “running” in my home since 1967.  It actually creates moving air with no moving parts which looks really neat.

When some biologists discovered that negative ions have a beneficial effect on breathing and air quality, I made one and tried it out for a few months.  I liked it and decided if one is good then a dozen must be even better.  I made a total of 29 of them – incorporating them into fans, lamp shades, ceiling fixtures, heating and AC vents and other hidden and novel locations all around the home.  Most of these have been running since the mid 70’s in my home, office and workshops.

In the early 1990’s, it was discovered that negative ions that are bubbled up thru water have some fascinating effects on the water.  The ions destroy virtually 100% of all the germs, viruses and bacteria in the water – making it the cleanest water you can drink.  These negative ion bubbles also purify the water like no filter could ever do.  It causes metals and chemicals to dissolve and pass out of the water as gas or they solidify and fall out of the water as a precipitant that falls to the bottom of the container.  These clumps solidified metals and toxins can easily be filtered out with the cheapest paper water filter.  If the water is canted, it leaves this sludge behind.  The end results in the cleanest, purest water on earth.  But wait, there is more.  The high ion quality of the cleaned water can also be used to clean other things.  If you wash fresh fruits and vegetables in this ion water, it cleans them of all bacteria and toxic chemicals within a matter of minutes. 

It turns out that drinking this water is also good for you.  The at first I did not know why but if you think about it, your body system runs on electricity in nerves and brain activity and adding a few extra electrons to that operation has got to help.

After reading all about this, I built a device that taps into my kitchen faucet water and diverts some of the water to a 10 gallon holding tank that is hidden under the cabinet.  When it is full, it gets 6 hours of treatment from a series of aerators that bubble up negative ion air thru the water.  After 6 hours, the water is pumped into a second sealed stainless steel tank that is mounted on top of the upper most kitchen cabinets.  From there, it gravity feeds thru a line to a small spigot near my sink that allows me to use the water to wash, drink or clean with.  I built one of these back in 1995 and liked it so much that in 2001, I built four more for use in the bathrooms, office and workshop.  I have been using them ever since.

The net result of these electronic hobby projects and my fascination with electricity and ions is that for the past 35 years, I have been breathing, drinking and living in an ion-rich environment.  And specifically a negative ion rich environment – one in which there is an over-abundance of electrons, making the ions have a negative charge. 

Plato found that this was the central factor to my changed blood chemistry and other bio-system anomalies.  When I asked Plato to trace the basis of its premise, I got back pages and pages of links to leading edge biological and chemical research that took me days to read and collate into a hypothesis.  Here is the gist of it.

The presence of a negative ion-saturated environment has, over the past three decades, slightly altered my body chemistry and specifically those chemical reactions that are enhanced, caused by or results from electro-chemical reactions.  Apparently, one of the first to respond was the near elimination of free radicals from my system.  Although radicals can be positive, negative or zero charge, it appears that the nature of the unpaired electrons that create radicals is affected by the presence of an excessive amount of extra electrons.  My assumption is that the negative ions in my environment supplied the missing electrons to the unpaired electrons of the free radicals and thus neutralized them or keeping them from pairing with the wrong chemicals. 

Some of the findings that Plato referred me to discussed the electron spin resonance and described how the transient chemical properties of the radicals are counter-balanced by the electron ionization because of their de Broglie wavelength which matches the length of the typical bonds in organic molecules and atoms and the energy transfer to the organic analyte molecules is maximized.  I’m not a chemist and that is pretty deep stuff but the net result is the radical ion is negated.  Since the absence or reduction of free radicals has been proven to be highly beneficial in the reduction or prevention of degenerative diseases and cancers, the accidental result that I have achieved with my rich ion environment has been a major contribution to my good health.

The other major finding that Plato provided was concerning a vast but little understood area of bio-chemistry called ion channels.  Ion channels are essentially electrochemical paths on the plasma membrane of biological cells that allows the cells to control their interaction with other cells, chemicals and proteins.  In effect, these ion channels are the mechanism by which biological cells interact with the cells, chemicals and molecules around them.  You could imagine these channels as electrically powered communications devices.  If they are in good working order and properly charged, then the cell does what it is suppose to do.  If the channels become weak, then the cell has a greater susceptibility to damage or to be compromised by the wrong connection with other substances, cells or viruses.

Part of how this ion channel works is by creating a gated voltage gradient across the cell membrane.  This voltage gradient underlies the voltage activated channels and plays a critical role in a wide variety of biological processes related to nerve, synaptic, muscle and cell interactions.  If the ion channel is strong then the voltage gradient is strong and the cell functions in an optimal manner.  If the ion channel is weak, then the voltage gradient is weak and the cell is subject to a variety of interference and inefficiencies in its functioning.

Plato found numerous other supporting aspects of this interaction in the form of ionotropic receptors of ligand molecules and ion flux across the plasma membranes that also benefit from a strong ionic environment.  There are also the 13 chloride channels and other transmembrane helices that function in this ion induced voltage gradient environment. 

What Plato postulated is that the ion-rich environment I have been living in for the past 35 years has created an excessively powerful voltage gradient on these ion channels – making the channels function not only in an optimum manner but making them extremely difficult to block.  I am not willing to test it, but Plato has speculated that I may be immune to a long list of toxins, chemicals, genetic disorders and diseases that disrupt the normal functioning of ion channels.  As a result, I am, apparently immune to the puffer fish toxin, the saxitoxin from “red tide”, the bite of black mamba snakes, and diseases like cystic fibrosis, Brugada syndrome, epilepsy, hyperkalaemic paralysis, and dozens, perhaps hundreds of others.

I find this all fascinating and very appealing because it means that I may be around for a lot longer than I had thought I would.  I seem to be in excellent health and have not experienced any decrease in mental activity – in fact, I often think I can do things now that I could not do when I was 40 but I have always just attributed that to experience, age and a lifetime of accumulated wisdom.  Now it appears that it may have been because I started messing around with negative ion generators back when I was in my 30’s and have, quite by accident, created a sort of fountain of youth in the air and water of my house.



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